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In this series of posts we detail our experiences creating the first cafe for dog lovers in Dublin, and try to feature a few tips for the would-be cafe owner. If you're interested in how Pupp came to be, or potentially opening your own venue, you can find more articles on Facebook, Twitter, or The Pupp Blog.

The Pupp cafe is now a few months old, and it's been hugely gratifying to see the initial excitement transform into the familiar faces of repeat customers, positive reviews, and a growing community of Pupp visitors. The amount of attention and press surrounding our launch caught us by surprise, accelerating the business like rocket-propelled roller skates while we scrambled to keep up.

It's a reception we never dreamed we'd be lucky enough to have, though also created something of a unique challenge - many people visit us with different ideas of what to expect. We thought it might be interesting to chat about our interactions with the press, the vision for Pupp, and what it actually means to be a cafe for dog lovers.

Cafe for dog lovers = dog cafe?

We hadn't expected that allowing dogs in would generate headlines, but within a few days of opening we were contacted by The Times, who published the article about our "dog-friendly cafe". A day or two following, Lovin Dublin posted about our "dog-focused cafe", then The Independent and The Irish Sun both ran pieces on our "dog cafe". The news spread across social media, and we were inundated with messages and support. Other websites, papers, and radio stations were so quick to jump on the story our "cafe for dog lovers" morphed into the more headline-friendly "dog cafe", leading to some new visitors expressing their surprise to find a cozy cafe with food and facilities for humans!

Irish SunEvery photographer insisted on Ella holding one of our doggy visitors (don't tell Toby!)

Pupp is not a dog cafe. We are a cafe for people who like good food, good coffee and good company. There aren't any dogs that stay on the premises, however much we'd like Toby to join in!

If guests would like to bring their pooch they're more than welcome - We love our four-legged friends, and wouldn't have it any other way. Just like our two-legged visitors we do, however, have to hold dogs to a high standard of behaviour.

All dogs must be:

  1. On leads
  2. House-trained
  3. Calm & quiet

If you're thinking of visiting with your dog and you're not sure how they will get on, we suggest:

  • Come in for a take-away coffee and go for a nice walk up the canal. When you come in, get your dog to sit and feed him/her treats. This will help him/her get more comfortable in the environment. 
  • When you feel your dog is ready, come in for a quick coffee. Build up the time duration gradually (as a rule, the longer the walk beforehand, the longer they're able to sit quietly)
Dogs have always been an integral part of the vision for Pupp - making Ireland more dog-friendly was part of the reason for creating the business - and many people have suggested we add more facilities for our canine customers. We've had requests for dog beds under every table, toys scattered throughout the cafe, a dog play area, full meals for dogs, and more. We really do appreciate people's feedback and suggestions (many of the changes and improvements in the cafe have come as a result), but aren't planning to implement these kinds of thing at the moment. The cafe is for people first and foremost, and we're always conscious that our facilities for dogs don't detract from the experience for non-owners.
    Do I have to have a dog to visit?

    No, absolutely not. We've worked hard to create a menu that offers a range of tasty (and often allergen-free) treats, as well as coffee to rival the best in Dublin. If you're a fan of dogs you'll likely find Pupp a great place to meet new friends, but the same is true if you're a fan of food or coffee!

    Speaking of which, our food and coffee offerings have seen a lot of change recently, with lots more to come. Some of the recent improvements include:

    • Full menu available on weekdays
    • A range of fresh coffee beans (ground or whole) to take home (and aeropress coffee makers)
    • Freshly baked cakes daily
    • Homemade breads and bagels
    • More vegan and allergen-free menu options
    So, what is Pupp?

    Pupp is a cafe for dog lovers. Our aim was to create one of Dublin's best cafes for people with a shared interest, while encouraging Ireland to become more accommodating to our four-legged companions (you can read more about how & why we started here).

    The long-term vision for the business stretches far beyond the cafe - we're already developing the store and expanding into new services (for both dogs and humans), but more on that in a later post!


    How does that description match up with your experiences with Pupp? Drop us a note in the comments if you have any thoughts, or come in and say hello in person! For more behind-the-scenes details be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and The Pupp Blog.

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    Sinead Buckley
    Sinead Buckley

    May 06, 2016

    I Live in westmeath was in Dublin for the day and called in with my dog chloe and had one of the nices coffee. Chloe loved the treats will call agan want to try the pancakes

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    Sizing Guide

    Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and we want whatever you buy to be comfortable and well fitted for your pooch. Sizing can often be confusing, with manufacturers using different standards and metrics. At Pupp we list all our sizes in cm's so you can find the perfect fit.

    How to measure your dog:


    Neck: Measure right around the neck, allowing enough room to slide 2 fingers in for comfort


    Chest: Measure right around the body around the deepest part of your dog's chest, usually just behind the dog's front legs.

    Neck: Measure right around the neck, allowing enough room to slide 2 fingers in for comfort

    Sizing Guide By Breed:

    AIREDALE 40.6-55.9cm
    AKITA 50.8-55.9cm
    ALASKAN MALAMUTE 45.7-55.9cm
    BASSET HOUND 40.6-55.9cm
    BEAGLE 30.5-45.7cm
    BICHON FRISE 35.6-45.7cm
    BORDER COLLIE 35.6-45.7cm
    BOSTON TERRIER 30.5-45.7cm
    BOXER 40.6-55.9cm
    BRITTANY 35.6-40.6cm
    BULL TERRIER 30.5-45.7cm
    BULLDOG FRENCH 30.5-40.6cm
    CAIRN TERRIER 25.4-40.6cm
    CHIHUAHUA 20.3-35.6cm
    CHOW CHOW 45.7-61.0cm
    COCKER SPANIEL 30.5-45.7cm
    COLLIE 45.7-55.9cm
    CORGI 35.6-40.6cm
    DACHSHUND MINI 20.3-43.0cm
    DACHSHUND STANDARD 40.6-50.8cm
    DALMATIAN 35.6-50.8cm
    DOBERMAN 45.7-55.9cm
    ENGLISH SETTER 45.7-61.0cm
    FOX TERRIER 25.4-40.6cm
    GERMAN SHEPHERD 45.7-61.0cm
    GERMAN SHORTHAIRED 50.8-61.0cm
    GOLDEN RETRIEVER 40.6-61.0cm
    GREAT DANE 50.8-66.0cm
    GREAT PYRENEES 61.0-76.2cm
    IRISH SETTER 40.6-55.9cm
    JACK RUSSELL TERRIER 25.4-35.6cm
    LABRADOR 45.7-61.0cm
    MALTESE 25.4-35.6cm
    MASTIFF 63.5-81.3cm
    NEWFOUNDLAND 40.6-81.3cm
    OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG 45.7-61.0cm
    PEKINGESE 30.5-40.6cm
    POMERANIAN 25.4-35.6cm
    POODLE MINI 25.4-40.6cm
    POODLE STANDARD 30.5-40.6cm
    POODLE TOY 20.3-35.6cm
    PUG 30.5-40.6cm
    SCHNAUZER GIANT 50.8-66.0cm
    SCHNAUZER MINI 25.4-40.6cm
    SCHNAUZER STANDARD 35.6-50.8cm
    SCOTTISH TERRIER 35.6-50.8cm
    SHAR PEI 40.6-50.8cm
    SHETLAND SHEEPDOG 30.5-45.7cm
    SHIH TZU 25.4-35.6cm
    SPRINGER SPANIEL 35.6-45.7cm
    WEIMARANER 40.6-55.9cm
    WHEATEN TERRIER 45.7-55.9cm
    YORKSHIRE TERRIER 15.2-30.5cm