About Us

Pupp is a dog-friendly restaurant and boutique store based in Dublin, Ireland. Visit us at 37 Clanbrassil St Lower, or shop online today!

The Pupp Restaurant

Featuring a menu full of delicious, healthy, and allergen-free treats, the cafe offers a cozy yet modern take on urban dining. Check out our Cafe page for opening hours, directions, and more.

Why Visit Us?

  1. Food - With options to delight any palette, we serve scrumptious homemade cakes and pastries, hot and cold food, and always include plenty of choices for gluten-free or vegetarian guests. More details on our Menu page!
  2. Coffee - Before Pupp opened we scoured Dublin for the city's best coffee (a tough job, but someone has to do it). Finally settling on the exquisite blend from Nick's Coffee Company, we're confident coffee addicts won't find anywhere better.
  3. Dogs - We're big dog lovers and welcome our four-legged visitors as much as the two-legged ones. Thinking of visiting with your pooch? Be sure to check out our House Rules and Doggy Menu first!

The Pupp Store

Finding the perfect accessory for your dog is hard, particularly with the limited range available in Ireland. The Pupp Store offers a range of designer collars, leads, harnesses and more, many of which aren't available anywhere else! We have carefully selected some of the world's best loved pet brands, and stock only the highest quality dog accessories.

Why Buy From Us?

  1. Unique product range - Most of our products can't be found anywhere else in Ireland, so help your dog make a statement with some of the world's top dog fashion brands.
  2. Support a small business - We're not the biggest shop, so we strive to be the best. Our staff are friendly and knowledgable, and all products are available to view in our Clanbrassil St store.
  3. Give something back - We donate 10% of our profits to animal charities around the world. Every purchase contributes to animals in need.
  4. Discover something new - We're constantly updating our range with the latest trends and accessories. Sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) for details about our latest products and offers.

    Meet The Team


    Prior to working at Pupp Ella was an online marketing specialist at Google. Her new role combines all of her favourite passions - dogs, coffee, food, and telling Paul what to do.


    Paul's primary role is finding funny dog videos on YouTube to share on the Pupp Facebook page, but he occasionally helps with the website and marketing. Paul is also responsible for writing the About Us page, and coincidentally is incredibly handsome.



    Our restaurant manager and front of house, Esther has worked in catering since the age of 14. In her spare time she practices ballet and painting, though presumably not at the same time. If you're not fond of hugs Esther is best avoided.

    Anna avatar


    A wonderful chef and fitness fanatic, Jill can usually be found ensuring the kitchen is spotless. Lift your mug and Jill will have a cloth under it, guaranteed. Jill doesn't drink coffee, but we don't hold that against her. Much.



    Marita is a wizard in the kitchen, and is responsible for lots of the lovely treats on offer at Pupp. An avid baker and budding singer, Marita's culinary skills are second to none. Vocal skills as yet unknown.



    A safari expert and pancake addict, Laura is a huge fan of animals and food. Our kind of person! When she's not out on the plains of Africa she's in Pupp making sure no pancake batter goes to waste.

    Julie avatar


    Sister to Ella, Julie can usually be found out front talking to our canine guests. On rare occasions she chats to people too. When she's not at Pupp Julie studies what the non-initiated (i.e. everyone else) call "something sciency".


    Chief product tester and mess maker, Toby is the brains behind the operation. His vast experience in eating almost anything has helped us refine our doggy menu, and he always ensures we're ready for work by conveniently organising our socks behind the sofa.

    Contact Us

    Want to chat? Drop us a note through our Contact Us page. We're always happy to help. You can also reach us on Facebook and Twitter. If you're more of the old school type you can visit us or send us a letter at the address below:

    Pupp, 37 Clanbrassil St Lower, Dublin 8, Ireland
    Sizing Guide

    Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and we want whatever you buy to be comfortable and well fitted for your pooch. Sizing can often be confusing, with manufacturers using different standards and metrics. At Pupp we list all our sizes in cm's so you can find the perfect fit.

    How to measure your dog:


    Neck: Measure right around the neck, allowing enough room to slide 2 fingers in for comfort


    Chest: Measure right around the body around the deepest part of your dog's chest, usually just behind the dog's front legs.

    Neck: Measure right around the neck, allowing enough room to slide 2 fingers in for comfort

    Sizing Guide By Breed:

    AIREDALE 40.6-55.9cm
    AKITA 50.8-55.9cm
    ALASKAN MALAMUTE 45.7-55.9cm
    BASSET HOUND 40.6-55.9cm
    BEAGLE 30.5-45.7cm
    BICHON FRISE 35.6-45.7cm
    BORDER COLLIE 35.6-45.7cm
    BOSTON TERRIER 30.5-45.7cm
    BOXER 40.6-55.9cm
    BRITTANY 35.6-40.6cm
    BULL TERRIER 30.5-45.7cm
    BULLDOG FRENCH 30.5-40.6cm
    CAIRN TERRIER 25.4-40.6cm
    CHIHUAHUA 20.3-35.6cm
    CHOW CHOW 45.7-61.0cm
    COCKER SPANIEL 30.5-45.7cm
    COLLIE 45.7-55.9cm
    CORGI 35.6-40.6cm
    DACHSHUND MINI 20.3-43.0cm
    DACHSHUND STANDARD 40.6-50.8cm
    DALMATIAN 35.6-50.8cm
    DOBERMAN 45.7-55.9cm
    ENGLISH SETTER 45.7-61.0cm
    FOX TERRIER 25.4-40.6cm
    GERMAN SHEPHERD 45.7-61.0cm
    GERMAN SHORTHAIRED 50.8-61.0cm
    GOLDEN RETRIEVER 40.6-61.0cm
    GREAT DANE 50.8-66.0cm
    GREAT PYRENEES 61.0-76.2cm
    IRISH SETTER 40.6-55.9cm
    JACK RUSSELL TERRIER 25.4-35.6cm
    LABRADOR 45.7-61.0cm
    MALTESE 25.4-35.6cm
    MASTIFF 63.5-81.3cm
    NEWFOUNDLAND 40.6-81.3cm
    OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG 45.7-61.0cm
    PEKINGESE 30.5-40.6cm
    POMERANIAN 25.4-35.6cm
    POODLE MINI 25.4-40.6cm
    POODLE STANDARD 30.5-40.6cm
    POODLE TOY 20.3-35.6cm
    PUG 30.5-40.6cm
    SCHNAUZER GIANT 50.8-66.0cm
    SCHNAUZER MINI 25.4-40.6cm
    SCHNAUZER STANDARD 35.6-50.8cm
    SCOTTISH TERRIER 35.6-50.8cm
    SHAR PEI 40.6-50.8cm
    SHETLAND SHEEPDOG 30.5-45.7cm
    SHIH TZU 25.4-35.6cm
    SPRINGER SPANIEL 35.6-45.7cm
    WEIMARANER 40.6-55.9cm
    WHEATEN TERRIER 45.7-55.9cm
    YORKSHIRE TERRIER 15.2-30.5cm