Dogs & Horses Contemporary Leather Collar - Brown & Blue

Size Guide

Made using traditional craftsmanship with the finest saddlery leather these dog collars are the epitome of comfort, luxury and tradition. A strong leather hide on the outer but lined with a soft blue leather and finished with a nickel (silver) buckle. 

Dogs and Horses do a really precise range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit. This brand is all about comfort and durability. 


  Why we LOVE it

  1. Long  lasting - ages well
  2. Classic leather look
  3. Perfect size match
  4. Incredibly comfortable for your pooch

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      Sizing Guide

      Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and we want whatever you buy to be comfortable and well fitted for your pooch. Sizing can often be confusing, with manufacturers using different standards and metrics. At Pupp we list all our sizes in cm's so you can find the perfect fit.

      How to measure your dog:


      Neck: Measure right around the neck, allowing enough room to slide 2 fingers in for comfort


      Chest: Measure right around the body around the deepest part of your dog's chest, usually just behind the dog's front legs.

      Neck: Measure right around the neck, allowing enough room to slide 2 fingers in for comfort

      Sizing Guide By Breed:

      AIREDALE 40.6-55.9cm
      AKITA 50.8-55.9cm
      ALASKAN MALAMUTE 45.7-55.9cm
      AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD 40.6-55.9cm
      BASSET HOUND 40.6-55.9cm
      BEAGLE 30.5-45.7cm
      BICHON FRISE 35.6-45.7cm
      BORDER COLLIE 35.6-45.7cm
      BOSTON TERRIER 30.5-45.7cm
      BOXER 40.6-55.9cm
      BRITTANY 35.6-40.6cm
      BULL TERRIER 30.5-45.7cm
      BULLDOG FRENCH 30.5-40.6cm
      CAIRN TERRIER 25.4-40.6cm
      CHIHUAHUA 20.3-35.6cm
      CHOW CHOW 45.7-61.0cm
      COCKER SPANIEL 30.5-45.7cm
      COLLIE 45.7-55.9cm
      CORGI 35.6-40.6cm
      DACHSHUND MINI 20.3-43.0cm
      DACHSHUND STANDARD 40.6-50.8cm
      DALMATIAN 35.6-50.8cm
      DOBERMAN 45.7-55.9cm
      ENGLISH SETTER 45.7-61.0cm
      FOX TERRIER 25.4-40.6cm
      GERMAN SHEPHERD 45.7-61.0cm
      GERMAN SHORTHAIRED 50.8-61.0cm
      GOLDEN RETRIEVER 40.6-61.0cm
      GREAT DANE 50.8-66.0cm
      GREAT PYRENEES 61.0-76.2cm
      IRISH SETTER 40.6-55.9cm
      JACK RUSSELL TERRIER 25.4-35.6cm
      LABRADOR 45.7-61.0cm
      MALTESE 25.4-35.6cm
      MASTIFF 63.5-81.3cm
      NEWFOUNDLAND 40.6-81.3cm
      OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG 45.7-61.0cm
      PEKINGESE 30.5-40.6cm
      POMERANIAN 25.4-35.6cm
      POODLE MINI 25.4-40.6cm
      POODLE STANDARD 30.5-40.6cm
      POODLE TOY 20.3-35.6cm
      PUG 30.5-40.6cm
      SCHNAUZER GIANT 50.8-66.0cm
      SCHNAUZER MINI 25.4-40.6cm
      SCHNAUZER STANDARD 35.6-50.8cm
      SCOTTISH TERRIER 35.6-50.8cm
      SHAR PEI 40.6-50.8cm
      SHETLAND SHEEPDOG 30.5-45.7cm
      SHIH TZU 25.4-35.6cm
      SPRINGER SPANIEL 35.6-45.7cm
      WEIMARANER 40.6-55.9cm
      WHEATEN TERRIER 45.7-55.9cm
      YORKSHIRE TERRIER 15.2-30.5cm