Why Smart Bins Are Better For The Environment

These days, everything from vehicles to smartphones to rubbish compactors is “smart,” and there is a very good reason for this trend. The advancement of technology has made our lives simpler. It provides more accurate measurements and automates processes that would otherwise be tedious, filling in the blanks where human error would otherwise cause us to fall short. Smart technology, on the other hand, benefits not only people but also our planet in a number of important ways. We recommend Smart Bins to clinics, companies, retail locations, hotels, and schools, as well as any other operations, that want to reduce their reliance on landfills while simultaneously simplifying their waste disposal procedures.

The use of smart bins results in storage, time, and energy efficiency.

By consistently and reliably compacting the waste, Smart Bins could save up to 7 times more room in the bin than traditional bins. These Bins are equipped with cutting-edge technology that alerts staff members via email or text message when they are getting close to being full. The process of managing waste is streamlined as a result of this feature because employees are no longer required to waste their time verifying the rubbish bins and discharging them before they get full. To ensure that our customers have the most space for garbage, recycling, and compost, we recommend that they use intelligent compactors.

How exactly are smart bins more environmentally friendly than other available choices?

Traditional waste bins are replaced by smart compactors because they are more sanitary, efficient, and cost-effective. The following is a list of some of their notable eco-friendly characteristics:

1. Solar-Powered

The more conventional types of garbage compactors can be operated either manually or automatically, using either electricity or motors. Solar battery power are both utilised by smart bins, such as the Clean Cube that we have developed here at eCube labs. Solar energy is a plentiful, renewable power source that does not contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases or any other harmful substances. When a company makes the switch to solar power, they will begin to see financial and environmental benefits almost immediately. Making the switch to solar power is a viable option for lowering one’s energy consumption over the long term.

2. Sensor-Enabled

Smart Bins have the ability to detect and report their capacity, at which point they can alert staff or managerial staff that it is time to change the bag. Some compactors, such as the Orwak TOM, come equipped with a status bar that is simple to read and can indicate whether the compactor is full, whether it is in the process of compacting, or whether it is ready for normal operating conditions. Smart bins also have the ability to self-adjust. Some models utilise motion sensors to determine when there is a period of low traffic and choose to compact the waste during this time. The operation of a smart waste bin is simplified in every “smart” aspect of the bin, from the method by which one checks the bin’s fullness to the method by which it compacts at the appropriate times.

3. Able to Be Accessed Remotely

There are many different kinds of intelligent trash cans that can be accessed remotely. Staff can use an app to see whether or not the compactor is full from any location in the world that has access to Wi-Fi. The patterns of waste generation in the company or public space are analysed by this built-in monitoring system, which provides useful information.

5. Reduce Volume

Reduce, reuse, and recycle what you can, and compact what you can’t! In order to lessen a company’s negative impact on the environment, the first step should be to implement waste collection and recycling practises. The second step should be to reduce volume. When waste is compacted more effectively, it requires fewer excursions to the landfill; when there are fewer excursions to the landfill, there are fewer CO2 emissions and lower transportation costs.

4. Long-lasting, adaptable, and customizable features

Garbage cans that are environmentally conscious are built to last. After all, a compactor needs to be constructed from long-lasting materials and well-maintained in order to avoid becoming waste material itself in the long run. These compactors come in a variety of sizes, ranging from as little as 10 liters to as much as 70 litres, allowing them to be custom ordered to fit any space. If trash compactors are designed to be used outside on sidewalks in high density areas, they have the potential to serve as advertising platforms for various brands, logos, and other designs.

Are you sick of your garbage cans overflowing, your limited success at recycling and diverting waste, and your exorbitant garbage bills?

Compactor with a Smart BIGbin

Take a look at the BIGbin Compactor if you want to see a brilliantly designed garbage can in action. This compactor starts working as soon as it is installed in an area with a high volume of waste generation. It can compact its contents into rolling toter cans that are either 32, 35, or 64 gallons in capacity. These compactors have a one-of-a-kind design that allows them to make efficient use of the solar power that powers them. The BIGbin makes use of the natural energy that is all around it by utilising a compartmentalised solar panel design. This design allows it to pass energy around shadows cast by nearby trees or branches.

Take a closer look at the rate of compaction that BIGbin achieves:

Let’s say that a business generates 132 litres of uncompacted waste every single week. When stored in the BIGbin, those 132 litres take up a space of only 26 gallons due to the sheer compression process. The company can save a considerable amount of space in their bins by using a BIGbin or smart compactor rather than a conventional rubbish receptacle. As a result, they are able to extend the amount of time that passes in between garbage collection services. They are able to save money on labour costs as a result of this, as well as reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the emissions from rubbish trucks.

More info visit the locations page for BIGbin Locations in Ireland.